Altitude Project

Registered Name: Altitude Project Community Support Foundation

Business Number: 700635493RR0001

A School Year of Lunches | $200.

Hungry kids can't learn so Altitude Project supplies a lunch for every student, every day of the school year. Rice and lentils for dal bhat are purchased in Kathmandu and are transported to the Upper Dolpo by yaks. Yogurt, buckwheat (pancakes), barley (tsampa), potatoes and other vegetables like greens, carrots, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage and squash are purchased locally. Vegetables are increasingly grown in greenhouses. Some schools have a greenhouse and villagers are adding them to their homes; for food and for warmth in winter months.

The Upper Dolpo, on Nepal's border with Tibet, is one of the highest, harshest, inhabited places on the planet. The Dolpo people are culturally rich but they are poor subsistence farmers and a changing climate is pushing them deeper into poverty. Without help from the international community their schools would close. The schools only teach to grade 5 or 6 yet they bring life changing opportunities not just to the children and their families, but to the entire community.

Visit our website to learn what we do to help support education here. 100% of every donation goes to the projects in Nepal – all admin expenses are covered by directors. Please help make a difference!

Tashi delek (Tibetan), Namaste (Nepali) and a sincere Thank you