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Alzheimer Society of Toronto


Business Number: 106705262RR0001

Connections Matter - Alzheimer Society Toronto COVID-19 Response

Campaign Ended May 31, 2020

The Alzheimer Society of Toronto is working tirelessly to provide support to individuals living with dementia and their caregivers and family. We know that dementia is already an isolating disease and we want to ensure that everyone has the support they need during these times of social distancing and quarantine.

To do this, the Alzheimer Society of Toronto has moved to virtual service delivery. Our client support ensures that those who are already isolated do not become more so during social distancing.  We also offer online, live streaming programs including exercises and group check-ins – another way to ensure people have meaningful activities to stay engaged. Our education programs have also moved online to insure continued learning during this time. Our office remains completely open in a virtual sense and all clients can continue to receive support. This is more challenging, of course, since many of the services previously offered were done in group settings – so now our efforts have multiplied to connect with people individually.  We know that the preventative measure put in place are critical – and so is staying connected to our clients.  We are still here – and will be throughout – so no one, person living with dementia or care partner, feel alone.

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