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Amazon Rainforest Conservancy - ARC

Registered Name: Amazon Rainforest Conservancy

Business Number: 833497084RR0001


Campaign Ended April 30, 2019

On this day when we celebrate our planet, please consider supporting the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) project in Tambopata, Peru. According to scientists, Tambopata is home to the world’s last intact block of tropical rainforest and is renowned for its unusually high biodiversity that features over 1,200 types of butterflies and 592 different kinds of birds. Many endangered animal and tree species that have been poached and logged to extinction in most other parts of the Amazon can still be found here, including giant river otters, harpy eagles, and cedar and mahogany trees.

Sadly, this pristine habitat is in jeopardy, as noted by American Astronaut, Captain Mark Kelly.

“When I first looked down upon the Amazon rainforest in 2001,” says Kelly, “I saw vast areas of jungle and a wide and winding copper-coloured river that went on and on and on. A river that was impossible to miss and like no other on the planet. By 2011, however, the part that was most noticeable wasn't the river or the jungle but the large swaths of empty land.”

Species are going extinct at an alarming rate and the long-term health of the planet is in question. Leading scientists say that if we want to avoid mass extinctions and preserve the ecosystems all plants and animals depend on, we need to focus on areas of high biodiversity like the Amazon rainforest lands protected by ARC. The fate of humans is connected to this as well. 

Why support ARC? 

ARC consists entirely of volunteers. We don’t have the executive salaries and overhead of some other conservation groups, which means we direct all donations to protecting land from destruction. Our work depends entirely on donations from our supporters, who share our passion for the natural world and are committed to helping us achieve our goals. 

Help us save one of the world’s most precious natural resources  protect twenty acres of rainforest for a year for $100

How Big is an Acre?

An acre is 0.4 hectares or 4000 square metres, which is an area about the size of 200 parked cars.

Your donation will go toward the hiring of a team of forest wardens who will live on ARC lands, patrolling and protecting the wildlife and trees species living there.

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