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Amherstburg Freedom Museum - Mentorship and Freedom Achievers Program

Amherstburg Freedom Museum - Mentorship and Freedom Achievers Program

Our wish is to create a Freedom Achievers initiative with two important parts. First, as suggested by young persons of colour, a mentorship program. Our initiative aims to use inspirational bio-summaries of successful achievers, combined with brunch sessions where mentors can provide insight into career options. Secondly, we would host a speaker series called “Freedom Achievers” that welcomes at least four high-profile diverse community builders to discuss the challenges they faced in their effort to achieve freedom in the 21st century and how they challenged issues such as gender inequality, racism and homophobia to create a positive change. The speaker series will be marketed to people across the region and our hope is that it would draw attention to the topic and stimulate real dialogue in the media and with all those who attend.

Project Goals and Objectives

1) Educate Youth

Our project will give youth access to mentors who have succeeded in their field and it will also demonstrate that they too can achieve their goal because someone who experienced similar barriers has already forged a path. Our mentorship brunch sessions and speaker series provide access to mentors who can suggest the appropriate education and training required for success. Additionally our project offers mentors a platform to discuss their experiences and the challenges they faced while offering advice to young people on how to overcome obstacles such as gender inequality, racism and homophobia.

2) Community Engagement

Our speakers series would draw in visitors from within and from outside of Amherstburg to create a dialogue about increasing levels of racism that are permeating society today. It is hoped that the series will not only attract students but people in the community who want to learn more about the challenges faced by persons of colour, and what they can do to help implement positive solutions. It is our goal to start a conversation with the community

3)Promote Diversity

Our speakers series and brunch session invite people from a variety of backgrounds to interact and learn from mentors who have faced discrimination in their careers and other aspects of everyday life. Participants who attend our speakers series will learn from community figures from all walks of life, while also leveraging the lesson from the Undergournd  Railroad that when we ALL come together, we can truly overcome sizeable barriers to achieve Freedom.

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