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Beaudoin Park - Redevelopment Project

Beaudoin Park has recently had several pieces of play equipment removed due to the age, repairability and ranking for hazards. The park previously had a scattering of equipment in various locations but in recent revies for some design concepts , the park is ideally laid out to create three play “precincts”: a non-structured play area, a recreational play area and a discovery play area. Amherstburg Town council has approved $170,000 for the redevelopment of the park which would secure an accessible play structure(s) and CSA approved rubberized ground treatment. Amherstburg Parks Administration is looking for additional funding to undertake further park elements that would significantly enhance the park.

Project Goals and objectives

The amenities that could go into a park are almost endless. Amherstburg Parks felt it necessary to develop a few enhanced concepts which will benefit the community. Elements of the goals are as follows”

1)Discovery Play

A brand new concept for the Amherstburg Parks system, discovery play is designed to promote imagination, encourage a course of action and hands on activity, create wonder and support inclusive accessible interaction for kids of all abilities

2) Parks as Gathering Places

Parks can play a big role in the gathering of friends, families, neighbours and community. Improving infrastructure that supports physical comfort through seating, access to shade and shelter is key element to enjoyment. The current shelter is centrally located and ideally positioned to the proposed play equipment area Improvements to its appearance, function and seating would support this park as a great gathering place.

3) Extended Paths

The current pathways divide the park into three sections which support the development of the “play precincts” concept. Paths encourage active living, friendship (people and pets) and make a park more usable.

$6,000 raised out of $55,000 goal

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