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Help with Annette's journey

Campaign Ended Sept. 6, 2018

Sweet Annette is only six months old but has had a very rough start.

She was trapped in her Scarborough colony along with her mom and sister in March to be TNRed. Sadly, Mama cat had a tumour on her paw, horrible dental disease, and poor body condition and had to be humanely euthanized.

Annette also had a ghastly leg injury. She had been dragging her front left limb so much that the skin tore; her bone was exposed, and her leg had become terribly infected, requiring amputation. Since Annette is a feral cat, the clinic recommended euthanasia, as it would be impossible for her to return to her colony with only three legs.

ACR decided young Annette deserved a second chance at life and took her in. We are hoping that she can be tamed as we know from experience that cats with three legs can live normal and happy lives.

Annette had her surgery on March 13th and was moved to an experienced socialization home. It won't be an easy time for Annette: she's living indoors with people and is frightened. Plus, she must learn how to manage with three legs. But we are confident we have given Annette the best chance possible.

Please help us support Annette's care with a donation designated for our newest little survivor. And thank you for caring.

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