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Support the Black Creek Drive kittens

Campaign Ended July 7, 2018

Toronto Animal Services occasionally asks trappers who also volunteer with ACR to help with colonies that are not being properly managed around the city. These very sick baby four week-old kittens came from the Black Creek Drive and Eglinton area. 

The homeowner says he loves the cats and has been feeding them for years but did not get any of the cats fixed. So the colony has swollen into a big mess - there are three litters of kittens and unknown number of unfixed cats and as a result, neighbours have complained to the city.

It's very sad that many litters of kittens have come and gone. The homeowner did not feel that the eye infections and upper respiratory were serious issues. But for kittens, URIs can be fatal if left untreated. The four kittens are what’s left of two litters. 

The trapper involved in this case asked for ACR's help. We were able to get them in yesterday on short notice to see one of our vet partners (Bloorcourt Veterinary Clinic, in this case). They are currently staying with the trapper who is applying eye ointment and feeding them every 4 hours around the clock. They have a good chance, as a result.

Once the kittens recover and get bigger and stronger, they will be spayed and neutered and vaccinated and adopted out.

Please help if you are able. And please type a note that your donation is to go to their vet bills in the provided box. Thank you for caring about these little cats.

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