Ansaar Foundation

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Halal Serve Mobile Foodbank

Campaign Ends July 28, 2020

Ansaar Foundation in partnership with Dawanet is embarking on an historic project "Halal Serve Mobile Foodbank" to serve food to the elderly and individuals with disabilities in the Greater Toronto Area.

This will be the first mobile Halal Food bank that will deliver healthy, halal and nutritious food to the elderly and disabled members who are needy and come from diverse communities irrespective of their faith, race, gender or creed.

The project will leverage Dawanets existing Halalserve pilot which started in 2016 serving over 130 new immigrants in the South east of Mississauga.

Ansaar Foundation's mandate is to provide vulnerable individuals a comprehensive range of services, support and resources to improve their quality of life. This project in collaboration with Dawanet aims to embark on reducing food insecurity and we are very humbled by this partnership which will give us an opportunity to assist the most marginalized members of the community.

5 months, 1 week to go