African Rainbow

Registered Name: Arc En Ciel d'Afrique

Business Number: 834928632RR0001

Our missions

Raising Awareness of the realities of African and Caribbean LGBTQIAculture in order to fight homophobia and transphobia

We make an effort to fulfil our mission by participating in various public conferences and by directing workshops on tolerance and intimidation in Quebec institutions. We work as well in HIV and STD prevention with our target population.

Smashing isolation and maximising the integration of all

Integration includes understanding of sexual orientation, self-acceptance, and living in harmony with others whether they appear similar or different. Discussion groups and personal one on one meeting as well as outings and events are key to successful integration.

Promoting african and caribbean LGBTQIAculture

Massimadi and Afro Pride are two of African Rainbow’s major ways of propagating African and Caribbean LGBTQIA+ culture. We take pains to ensure that  our message invites the community to become sensitive to respect diversity in all its forms—encouraging genuine dialogue.

"I just wanted to meet other black gay people like myself. I was shy at the beginning but now I’m happy I got involved." Jonathan

African Rainbow is a safe space by and for LGBTQIA + African and Caribbean people.

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