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ARCH Van Fundraiser!

ARCH - HIV / AIDS Resources and Community Health

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Campaign Ends Sept. 1, 2020
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ARCH is raising money for a van! Yes, a literal mini-van! 

Why does ARCH need a mini-van? 

Over the last 5 years, our harm reduction program has increased the distribution of supplies by 10% annually. Last year we distributed 320 000 syringes.

These supplies are ordered to public health and then need to be distributed to satellite sites. Currently, the volume is much too high to be able to complete these orders in the personal vehicles of staff. We are hoping to streamline the process and find the best way to use resources. Our practical support program provides medical transportation for people in our community living with HIV, as well as facilitating recreational and social programming for participants. Currently, travel is a barrier for folks to join in, and a van would make this easier. It would also increase access to medical care and the delivery of practical support items.

4 Ways We Will Use Our Van: 

1. Being able to respond to the ever-growing need for harm reduction supplies in different parts of the city, including naloxone. This means more deliveries to participants’ homes, community organizations, better capacity to run our satellite sites, the potential for expanding satellite sites and include more services in Wellington County.

2. Sending teams of outreach workers and volunteers to complete community cleanups, responding to improperly disposed sharps to increase community safety.

3. Increase access to sharps disposal by being able to service more public sharps containers. 

4. Taking people living with HIV in our community to medical appointments, recreational programming, group educational activities, and the ability to provide better direct practical support to the people we work with.