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National Indigenous Billboard Campaign

Campaign Ended Aug. 31, 2018

We want to put Indigenous art on billboards and bus shelters nation-wide to start an important conversation about reconciliation and the rights of Indigenous peoples in Canada!

Our National Indigenous Billboard Campaign is done in partnership with the charity WeMatter (which is for Indigenous youth, by Indigenous youth) which is highlighting important conversations of reconciliation with Indigenous people in Canada. Indigenous people face some of the greatest injustices and inequalities in Canada.

According to research from the Native Women's Association of Canada, Indigenous women and girls represent approximately 10% of all female homicides in Canada. However, Indigenous women make up only 3% of the female population. According to the Centre for suicide prevention Indigenous communities in Canada have suicide rates over 10 times the national average.
Many indigenous people, including the powerful young people involved with the We Matter campaign, have started speaking out against this incredible injustice, which is the result and the legacy of centuries of colonialism and structural disadvantaging of Indigenous populations. Many Indigenous people also cite the forced removal and lack of access to their culture as one of the major causes of stress and depression that lead to the staggering statistics listed above. 
At Artists Against Racism, we recognize art and culture as one of the greatest tools available to us, as it reminds us that we are all one people and we all have a duty to each other when we see injustice. 

Thus, our charity's mission with this project is to uplift the Indigenous voices that have already been speaking out and to help support them in sharing their culture. This will open up an important conversation about reconciliation for all Canadians to come together and fight for justice for Indigenous lives.

The art that we are featuring has been so far submitted by renowned Indigenous artists like Buffy Sainte-Marie, Chief Lady Bird, Roy Henry Vickers and more are taking part! 

Donate now to cover the costs of adspace across the country, the more you donate the farther our message can reach!

Take part in this amazing initiative to recognize the incredible culture of Indigenous people in Canada and start the conversation to uplift Indigenous communities and fight injustice in Canada!

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