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SOME BUDDY SPECIAL: Indigenous Suicide Prevention Campaign

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2021

Currently, there is a suicide crisis in several of Canada's remote northern Indigenous communities, where youth feel no hope for their future and no support for their present.  AAR's mandate is to educate youth on the effects and challenges created by racism, and many of the struggles being experienced in these isolated communities are a direct result of the historical systemic racism directed towards Canada's Indigenous peoples. 

Our 'SOME BUDDY SPECIAL' campaign has been created to take action to support the youth in struggling areas, by involving youth throughout Canada in a card writing campaign to offer hope, support and encouragement.  AAR is connecting with schools across the country to help educate students on the effects of racism and  circumstances in the affected Northern communities. 

This includes working with them in filling out personalized note cards and creating pictures and art to send to the communities in crisis in hopes that a showing of care and concern may result in struggling youth finding the strength to face another day, knowing that they are not alone in the world. 

Our hope it that there may be the opportunity to create reciprocal relationships between the senders and recipients to develop a sense of extended community. None of us can do everything, but all of us can do something.  Please help us by donating what you can for this very worthwhile project.  Your support could help save the life of a child who had thought they were alone in this world. 

Thank you for your help in supporting SOME BUDDY SPECIAL to see their brilliance!

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