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Seniors Safety Line

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The Seniors Safety Line (SSL), is a 24/7 crisis counselling line for seniors experiencing abuse in the province of Ontario.  Our crisis line is staffed with trained counsellors and language services are available in more than 200 languages for those in need.  All calls are anonymous, confidential and toll-free.

 In its 11 years of operation, the Seniors Safety Line has assisted over 55,000 callers.  The majority of callers are seniors themselves with relatives, neighbours, friends, caregivers and service professionals accounting for the remaining calls. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and emergency stay at home measures enacted, calls to the Seniors Safety Line skyrocketed.  In March of 2019 we received 619 calls, in March of 2020 that number had jumped to 1088.  By May of 2020 we were receiving over 3,000 calls per month!!

 We know the situation is dire for many seniors.  Our counsellors are helping them to manage their fears, their anxiety and cope with isolation.  We have received some additional funding from the Province to help address the surge in calls and the associated increase in costs.  Ours is an essential service for many seniors. 

Please consider donating to the Assaulted Women's Helpline through the Seniors Giving Back fund.  Your donation will help us support vulnerable seniors. 

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