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Assiniboine Park Conservancy Inc.

Registered Name: Assiniboine Park Conservancy Inc.

Business Number: 808664015RR0001

(Ended) Help us care for our creatures!

Campaign Ended Nov. 18, 2018

Have you ever wondered what happens when an animal at the Assiniboine Park Zoo is sick or injured?

Fortunately, they can visit our on-site hospital. This critical facility is the healthcare hub for each and every creature at the Zoo. On call 24/7, our veterinary team is a passionate group of professionals whose priority is the health and wellbeing of the more than 200 species who call the Zoo home– from the smallest of squirrel monkeys to the largest of polar bears.

Assiniboine Park Zoo takes a proactive approach to animal care that includes routine activities such as physical examinations, x-rays, ultrasounds, and evaluation of nutritional needs, as well as surgical procedures and responding to emergencies. We also provide ongoing treatments like physiotherapy and even coordinate specialist appointments for ophthalmology and dental care.

Caring for our animals is an expensive task. A gift from you will help our team continue to provide the very best care for our animals. The work of this dedicated group would not be possible without your support.


The hospital helps over 500 animals each year!

2,400 procedures were performed in 2017, including:

  • 893 prescriptions
  • 126 anesthesias
  • the collection of 1,200 clinical samples

Nutrition is key to the wellbeing of our animals. A specialized diet costs:

  • $10,000 a year for a polar bear
  • $3,600 a year for a red panda
  • $6,500 a year for an amur tiger
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