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Assiniboine Park Conservancy Inc.

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(Ended) Wolf Habitat

Campaign Ended June 4, 2018

Thanks to the support of community members like you, we now have the #1 polar bear exhibit in the world! (According to, October 2017). But polar bears aren’t the only animal at the Zoo. They are just one of the hundreds of species that call Assiniboine Park Zoo home - and we believe that this home should be remarkable.

That’s why we are asking for your help today to provide a home for our grey wolves that is specifically designed for them. The pack at Assiniboine Park Zoo – Jack, Bear, Slate, Gambit, and Onyx – debuted in 2014, in an enclosure originally designed for polar bears.

Construction on a stunning new exhibit, designed just for our grey wolves, is currently underway. It includes areas where the wolves can dig, forage, play in the water, or hide in the underbrush – all things they would do in the wild! The new Wolf Habitat will have three viewing areas for visitors, who will be able to observe the wolves exploring and playing naturally.

You can help complete and maintain this amazing new habitat that will do so much for the ongoing health and well-being of our wolf pack. Consider a gift to Assiniboine Park Conservancy. Join us in continuing to make our Zoo world-class, and in sharing the mysterious, playful creatures of Manitoba’s boreal forest with our community.

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