Loyola Youth Centre


Business Number: 872948138RR0001

Our goal is to create a safe, positive environment in which there is always room for and movement towards improvement and growth. We take great pride in our programs at the Loyola Centre, we promote respectful treatment of others and a strong sense of belonging. Our participants, parents, staff, volunteers and guests are ambassadors who invite others to visit the centre and based on their own experiences become a part of the Loyola Family. Every individual is encouraged to take on the challenges of personal growth, while contributing to the growth of the Loyola Centre.

Started in the early 1970s as a grass roots organization, the Loyola Association for the Development for Youth was formalized in 1998 as a charitable non-profit organization with a primary focus on children (4-17) of the surrounding community. The Association consists of volunteer parents and community members, who reflect the common shared goals and aspirations to provide quality programs. We have always aspired programs that allow participants to develop skills such as cooperation, leadership, independent thinking, and healthy interpersonal relationships.


Over the years the Loyola Center has offered sports and recreation services, as well as played an integral role in the continued positive development of the community that surrounds us. Working with other community partners, the Association seeks to ensure a good quality of life and access to resources for its member families.

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