CACTUS Montreal

Registered Name: C A C T U S MONTREAL

Business Number: 899891568RR0001

CACTUS Montreal

CACTUS Montréal is a community organization for the prevention of blood-borne (BBSI) and sexually transmitted infections.

We work with injecting and inhaling drug users, sex workers, and trans people.

«We promote their health, their well-being and their inclusion in society.»

We assist these individuals through various prevention, awareness and educational services and activities. We remain active in our community to defend their rights and to give voice to their needs and concerns.

Harm reduction guides all our interventions. Our approach, pragmatic and humanistic, places the participation of people at the core of our action.


ASTT(e)Q Trans Health Action Québec 

Messagers de rue (Street Messengers)


Programme jeunesse (GIAP)

Projet pour Toit

Fixed Site SIS (supervised injection site)

Outreach work

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