Atwell Centre: Pregnancy Options Support

Registered Name: Atwell Centre: Pregnancy Options Support

Business Number: 782780498RR0001

Limited Medical Services - Hamilton

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We desire to serve women at risk of unwanted abortion by providing timely health care services.  These services will include:


The first need is to provide women and men with as much information as possible to make the best possible informed choice. We plan to add point-of-care Ultrasound to our options support and the ultrasound will provide pregnancy confirmation and estimated gestational age.   It will introduce a woman and her partner to their baby for the very first time and allow her to see the heartbeat on the screen.

Research shows that a woman decides whether to terminate within 24 hours of confirming an unexpected pregnancy.  In order to make a fully informed choice, she needs to access the highest quality medical care and emotional support during the confirmation process.  


The same behaviours that put women at risk for terminating a pregnancy also puts them at risk for a sexual transmitted infection (STI). Serving women with sexual health concerns means we are serving women at risk for therapeutic abortion.

Screening, assessment and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) will provide client care in a safe, confidential environment. Due to the sensitive nature of their circumstances, our clients may avoid seeking medical help. 

Providing integrated health care services provides immediate physical care while building long-term, high-trust relationships with clients who then return for care, such as pregnancy confirmation, during an unintended pregnancy.

All register nursing staff undergo specific training to provide STI testing and treatment as well as ultrasounds.

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