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Atwell Centre: Pregnancy Options Support

Registered Name: Atwell Centre: Pregnancy Options Support

Business Number: 782780498RR0001

Limited Medical Services - Hamilton

Campaign Ended March 31, 2020

Why Add Limited Medical Services? 

20-year-old Claria* visited the Atwell Centre, unsure if she is was pregnant. Through the free medical grade pregnancy and options support that she received from one of our Client Advocates, she learnt that she did in fact have a positive test result. At Atwell, she received evidence-based information about all of her pregnancy options including abortion, parenting and adoption. However, once finished with our Client Advocate, Claira, still needed to get an ultrasound, regardless of her choice.

Although ultrasound services are free in our Healthcare System, the wait times are long. By offering ultrasound onsite, we will remove that extra step and be able to provide further education surrounding the positive pregnancy test result, enabling Claira to make a truly informed choice.  

*Name changed for confidentiality purposes

What Are the Services to be Offered? 


The first need is to provide women and men with as much information as possible to make the best possible informed choice. We plan to add point-of-care ultrasound to our options support and the ultrasound will provide pregnancy confirmation and estimated gestational age.   

Research shows that a woman decides whether to terminate within 24 hours of confirming an unexpected pregnancy.  In order to make a fully informed choice, she needs to access the highest quality medical care and emotional support during the confirmation process.  


The same behaviours that put women at risk for terminating a pregnancy also puts them at risk for a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Serving women with sexual health concerns means we are serving women at risk for therapeutic abortion.

Screening, assessment and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) will provide client care in a safe, confidential environment. Due to the sensitive nature of their circumstances, our clients may avoid seeking medical help. 

Providing integrated health care services provides immediate physical care while building long-term, high-trust relationships with clients who then return for care, such as pregnancy confirmation, during an unintended pregnancy.

All register nursing staff undergo specific training to provide STI testing and treatment as well as ultrasounds.

How Your Funds Make A Difference:

No matter which item on the list you may personally value more, one is not possible without the other. Here at Atwell, we attain to look at the project as a whole amount as, without training, marketing, and additional rent, the more tangible pieces of our project are dysfunctional. We hope that you will choose to partner with us in adding limited medical services to our options support services. Please see a breakdown of startup needs below: 

Exam Room Equipment and Supplies: $1,500

Ultrasound Machine and Supplies: $48,795

STI Clinic Supplies: $800

Sonography Training for 3 Nurses: $15,000

PT Nurse Manager: $8,000

Additional Lease Space: $10,500

Branding/Marketing and Administration: $5,000

$64,100 raised out of $99,500 goal

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