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June Dresses 2016

Aura Freedom International

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June Dresses is a month-long, peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for women where participants pledge to wear a dress or a skirt each day in the month of June. Funds donated through this page go directly to Aura Freedom and the work we do in support of women. To learn more about June Dresses, including tips and tricks for making it through the month, local volunteering events and much more, please visit

Aura Freedom International is a Toronto-based nonprofit dedicated to the empowerment, support, and education of women and girls. We seek to create long-lasting systemic change and advance the human rights of women and girls in Canada and beyond through sustainable grassroots initiatives.

In Nepal, Aura Freedom operates Female Friendly Spaces for displaced women and girls in post-earthquake camps, targeting gender-based violence such as child marriage, sex trafficking and rape. In Canada, we facilitate Human Trafficking Awareness for Canadian Youth in high schools and youth halfway homes which educates students on the extreme prevalence of human trafficking and sexual exploitation right here in Canada, while providing preventative measures for safety and access to services for Survivors. Other projects include the rebuilding of a school in a rural Nepali community, and addressing the issues of human trafficking and child care in Northern Canada.

Aura Freedom believes in the value of every human life, a value that is deeply entrenched in all that we do and embodies our commitment to gender equality and justice for all. Join us in a month of self empowerment while fueling the empowerment of women and girls worldwide!