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Autism Community

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Autism Holiday Shopping Day

Campaign Ended Dec. 16, 2017

Crowded malls, blaring music and bright displays can take their toll on many holiday shoppers, but for many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the simple experience of buying gifts for their loved ones, can be overwhelming.  Many are not even able to participate in what is, for most of us, an integral part of the holiday season.

Holiday Shopping Day allows children with ASD to share in the joy of selecting gifts for their family (and their family the joy of receiving them) in a safe and sensory-sensitive environment. 

Two autism moms have been organizing this event for 10 years.  Every year, they have to turn families away.  Your donation will help more children with ASD and more families share in this simple, and most precious part of the holidays.
For more information please visit our Facebook Page.
Donations of [new or unused] gifts and gift wrappings are also welcome.  Please email
"Way better [than the mall].  One, its not too crowded ... less noisy.  You don't have to wait"
                                                                                            7 year-old holiday shopper
"He likes the independence of knowing mommy isn't there.  He gets to choose for himself"
                                                             Parent of 9 year-old holiday shopper
"Instead of taking him to the mall and having a bad experience and stress, we do this event."
                                                                                                           Event organizer

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