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Back Door Mission for the Relief of Poverty

Registered Name: Back Door Mission for the Relief of Poverty

Business Number: 829334770RR0001

Feed Oshawa's Hungry Street People

Campaign Ended May 15, 2018

Each year the Back Door Mission for the Relief of Poverty provides between 12,000 to 13,000 tickets for free meals at St. Vincent Pallotti's Kitchen.  This helps ensure that an individual in need receives at least one healthy meal a day and reduces the need to make an awful choice between eating and having a place to stay.  Ontario's social assistance programs have failed to keep step with the rising cost of housing.  With the lowest rent for a shabby room in Oshawa being $500 a month and welfare paying a single person $681 a month, the ability to eat free is critical.  Though the cash price for one of the kitchen's meals is only $1.50, over a month free meal tickets help meet the difference between getting by and going homeless.  These are people with genuine needs, almost all of whom struggle with punishing disabilities that prevent them from moving ahead in life.  Visit us at 

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