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Bring Soulful Messiah to glory!

Campaign Ended Jan. 6, 2018

Partner with us in taking SOULFUL MESSIAH to its greatest heights! This critically-acclaimed  production has been delighting audiences for 14 years and the time has come for it to rise to its true glory.  With your support SOULFUL MESSIAH will grow to reflect the choreographer, Patrick Parson's, vision which includes the permanent addition of a live Gospel choir on a larger stage with expanded lighting, costuming and stagecraft. Last year's production was a first step towards incorporating a live choir however much work needs to be done to properly showcase the tremendous talent of the dancers and choir  

SOULFUL MESSIAH is a unique production; a jewel in the Canadian Arts landscape that celebrates and gives voice to Canadian cultural diversity.  What greater way to celebrate culture and the uplifting messages of the holiday season than through this joyous dance and music production!    

Ballet Creole has been promoting its message of Diversity in Harmony for over 25 years! Soulful Messiah embodies this message. It has been called a "hot-blooded, high-energy antidote to the lethargy that usually accompanies the onset of winter" (Toronto Life 2014).

Your generous contribution will support bringing SOULFUL MESSIAH to a wider public for all Canadians to enjoy and be proud of.  Together we can build an Arts legacy that reflects our rich cultural diversity. Thank you for joining us and celebrating with us!

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