Bayshore Foundation for Empowered Living

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Tetra Society of North America - Vancouver, BC

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2022

50% Match*, now through August 31.

Now through August 31, you can increase your impact with a 50% matching donation from the Bayshore Foundation to the Tetra Society of North America.

If you donate $10 through the Foundation, the Tetra Society will receive $15. If you donate $20, the charity receives $30, and so on. 

*Donation from individuals qualify.  Corporations, Foundations and other entities do not qualify for matching dollars.
*Maximum $20,000 contribution from the Bayshore Foundation.

Tetra Society is the chosen charity of Bayshore Home Care Solutions - Pediatrics in Burnaby, BC. 

Tetra finds solutions to overcome environmental barriers faced by people with disabilities. While these environmental barriers are still a part of the journey, Tetra provides solutions that help foster greater independence, quality of life, and inclusion.  To learn more visit their website at

The Bayshore Pediatric and Specialty Branch is a current provider to the Nursing Support Services in-home and in-school respite nursing program for children/youth with medically complex and fragile health needs. This branch also provides care for young adults and collaborates with pharmaceutical companies to provide home injection and infusion therapy.

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