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Registered Name: BEAGLE PAWS INC.

Business Number: 885428003RR0001


Campaign Ended May 28, 2018

Ava is one of our Senior Beagles who has been in long-term foster care for several months now.  She is on special dietary dog food and a daily medication to help her overcome her allergy health issues.

She has a rare severe condition called Granulomatous-destructive sebaceous adenitis and requires Atopica once every 2 days at a cost of $55.00 a month and also grain free food

"Ava is a shy and timid little thing. Most noises scare her. She hates the rain and when you make her go out, she tries to put each dainty little paw down as little as possible. She will unmake your bed as quick as you can make it, tossing pillow over the end of the bed with her nose. She loves to scratch her back off the couch. When she sleeps (of course in the bed) she will often growl or bark in like she's chasing something. When she finally attached herself to me, she literally attached herself to me, taking naps on top of me and always by my side where ever I am sitting. She is a very special dog."

When you make your donation please specify that you would like your donation to be put towards Ava's care.  Become a monthly donor for Ava and we will provide you with regular updates on her.

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