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Beaverton Special Events

Registered Name: Beaverton Special Events

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Beaverton Sky Woman Initiative

Campaign Ended Jan. 1, 2019

In 2017, in honour of Canada’s Sesquicentennial, Beaverton Special Events, in partnership with the community, launched an ambitious public art project.  Entitled ‘Sky Woman’, the unique sculpture is designed to become an iconic Beaverton harbour landmark.  

Local artist, Ron Baird, generously offered his talents to create and produce this kinetic sculpture for our community.  A prominent public art piece on our waterfront, it will attract visitors on land and arriving by watercraft.  

The sculpture’s theme is SKY WOMAN.  The creation myth of the Iroquois tells of the woman who fell from the sky and was rescued by birds who carried her gently down.  Since the earth was covered by water at the time, a giant turtle rose from the depths and the muskrat brought up mud from the bottom to place on the turtle’s back.  This became known as Turtle Island, also known as North America. 

Sky Woman’s touch down was said to be in the Beaverton harbour vicinity, and all creation grew from this point.  The large sculpture is kinetic, designed to move in the wind and reflect the sunlight. 

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