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A Future for Fenn

Important Update:

Fenn underwent the CT Scan today but it could not be completed. There are 3 scans to the procedure. She got through the first 2 scans without trouble but then she started to seizure on the operating table so the veterinarian at the Emergency Hospital caring for our Fenn had to end the scan immediately and stabilize her with anti-seizure medication. Fenn is okay but she will need time to recuperate before a re-do of the CT scan can take place. This is somewhat of a setback but good things did come out of today's experiences. When her veterinarian conducted his examination prior to the CT scan, he began to get a sense of what might be wrong. The CT scan will give us a definite answer but everything seems to be pointing towards a condition we've never heard of until now. The condition is known as Corticosteroid Responsive Tremor Syndrome wherein any stimulus can trigger the tremors. If this is the case, there is hope for our Fenn! The condition can be controlled with medication.

We are beyond grateful to the veterinarian treating Fenn. She's managed to paw her way into his heart and so he is offering to conduct the re-do of the CT Scan at no additional cost and will not charge us for boarding her at the hospital until her medical care is completed. There will be additional costs for medication, however, and the initial concoction of pills won't be cheap. It is also likely she will need to stay on certain of these medications life-long. So we are increasing our fundraising goal to $3,500 to help us through the financial commitment to our latest rescue case. She's so very worth it. And of course there are other beagles in our care that are pawing at our funding too right now, so this campaign means more than we can say. We are just so amazed at the incredible show of support thus far! There are no words good enough to thank you.

Fenn's Story...

This is FENN. We named her. It stands for Female Emergency No Name. That's because Fenn arrived at a rural shelter as a stray. It's one thing to be abandoned. It's a far worse thing when you're sick. Fenn is definitely not okay. Upon arrival, she presented with what can only be described as severe tremors. The shelter immediately swung into action and rushed her to their veterinary clinic for tests. Guessed at only one year old, they tested for and ruled out young dog conditions including Parvo and Distemper. Epilepsy was also ruled out. Without a CT scan and further diagnostics, they simply cannot pinpoint the problem. It's possible she ingested something toxic, or it could be a central nervous system disorder, or sadly, it could be head trauma from an old injury. There is a chance that a CT scan might reveal something unfixable but we don't know that. At just one year old, Fenn deserves a fighting chance at a long and happy life.

And so the shelter has reached out to us. They cannot incur the $1500 for her CT Scan. It's not within a shelter's budget. They've done all they can. This is where we need to come in. This is what we're here for. And we know we can do this for Fenn with your help.

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