Registered Name: Big On Beagles Rescue

Business Number: 856968458RR0001

For O.B. and Little Mac...

Love Wins.

Even if we don't.

Because what are we without love?


Our little Beagle Repair shop is in trouble. Not because of any lack of love. There's plenty of love. The love we have for these broken beagles. The love they give back to us. The love we have for our foster parents and adoptive families.

The love we have for YOU, our steadfast supporters. We are rich with love.


But that thing that always seems to get between us humans and love, that's the problem. Money. We’ve been spending like drunken sailors. All for love, of course. The medical bills have been high. We knew it after May and we know it now. We are in crisis. We need to reel it in. We need to conserve what we have as best we can until we can recover. Our monthly contributors are integral in these situations.

But when you're running an organization like ours, it's not so easy to hold onto money. Love gets in the way. Our sweet "Kabuta" (aka O.B.) has blown his cruciate ligament in one leg…at least we hope it's only one leg. As you may recall, O.B. came to us very obese. His foster family at Sheba's Haven have struggled to reduce the pounds but it's been a tough go. He did lose some but he's still overweight which can often lead to health problems like a blown cruciate. There is no time to waste. He needs surgery now so he doesn't blow the other leg in the meantime. He goes in for surgery next week.

The estimate is $4,000. That has us shaking in our boots. We knew we would need to launch a fundraiser for OB, but we were hopeful we'd still survive it somehow.


But then the unexpected happened. With our big brown eyed boy, Little Mac. Do you remember when he came to us last fall? This beautiful boy was left abandoned in a vacant apartment. He looked like an elephant from the waist down, practically fur-less and covered in sores, ravaged by a severe flea infestation coupled with some unknown and untreated skin allergy. His ears were terribly infected too. It was a horrible case of neglect. Worst of all, his heart was broken. He was fearful of everything and everyone. He needed a port in the storm. He found it in our board member, Deanna, and her husband Andrew. They embraced him as their foster boy. They brought him back to the beagle he was meant to be. So much love and so much incredible care. In December at our pre-Christmas meetup, we received the best gift of all. Little Mac would be staying with Deanna and Andrew for life. Mac is part of a big family because just like those other BOB beagles that are adopted to wonderful families, he remains a part of Big on Beagles. And when terrible things happen, family comes together.

A terrible thing has happened for Mac. After Deanna noticed some swelling around his mouth, she rushed him to the vet. She figured it was a bad tooth. Never could we have imagined this. He's been diagnosed with bone cancer of the upper jaw. It's a bad diagnosis. On Wednesday, Deanna and I drove to the emergency hospital in Newmarket with Little Mac to consult with a surgical oncologist. There is hope. With surgery, Mac has a 50% chance of coming home cancer-free and living a long and happy life. But this is a tough procedure.

The estimated cost is $8-10K.

There is no way we are not helping to cover this cost. Love wins. It has to win. Even if we lose. Our cupboards may be empty, but our hearts are full. And in this world with all its sadness lately, we need to do our part to bring back the love.

At least in our little corner of the world, love is going to win.

We know you've given so much already through our Walkathon earlier this month. We don't expect the world. But we can't help wondering…if everyone sent just $10 each, we'd make it through this. So if you can spare $10, you really will be doing something incredible for this little beagle rescue in this little corner of the world for our sweet OB and a brave dog we call Little Mac.

But even if it doesn't happen, you know we won't give up. Too much love in our hearts to ever do that.

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