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Saving Sylvia


We're seeing progress! We spoke with Dr. Malik this past Wednesday after Sylvia had been in hospital for a week. He is cautiously optimistic. Sylvia is now standing with support and she's moving her feet! He believes the combination of laser sessions and the Cortisone treatment plan is improving her condition, but it is a slow process. He has recommended that she remain in hospital another week to 10 days. The costs, of course, are compounded by this course of action but Dr. Malik is doing all he can to keep our costs down as much as possible. We are very grateful to him for this kindness. Our thanks to all of you for your incredible contributions thus far. We simply cannot express to you enough how much this means right now given our funding crisis. 


The lengths we will go. The risks we will take. Anything for our beagles. Anything for family.

Dear friends, we've been hit hard this year. So many medical emergencies. Our funding is almost completely wiped out. But we won't give up. The beagles we're here to save are depending on us. Beagles like Sylvia.

Do you remember her rescue story? She came to us just before Christmas last year. Sylvia was surrendered to a shelter up north. A sweet 9-year-old girl abandoned by her family during the holiday season. She was severely obese and needed dental surgery due to a mouth full of rotting teeth. And she was heartbroken.

Who would save Sylvia so close to Christmas?

Thanks to two very dedicated foster parents, Leanne & Guy, Sylvia was indeed saved and best of all, she was HOME for Christmas.

In the last several months, Sylvia has learned what it is to be loved unconditionally. She's lost weight and gained much more! Life is one big adventure for Sylvia and she gets to every new adventure by running! Over the winter months, she ran through the snow. In the spring, she ran through the puddles. And this summer, she's been galloping through the grass. But just over a week ago, Sylvia took a sudden turn for the worse. Without warning, she lost the ability to run. Within 24 hours, she couldn't even stand up. Despite our efforts, all that weight had taken its toll on this precious beagle. Xrays revealed that she is suffering from ruptured disks along her spine and she's losing nerve function at an alarming rate. There are only a few options to consider. One is to say goodbye here and now, another is to consider costly back surgery that may or may not be successful, and the other is to try treating for pain so Sylvia can still enjoy some happy times for a little while longer. Back surgery, even if she's deemed a candidate, is extremely hard on a senior dog. And letting her go without trying something doesn't seem like much of a solution. So we are trying treatment for pain by admitting her to hospital for a week where she can be monitored carefully. We are very grateful to Fenn's vet, Dr. Malik based at an emergency hospital in Newmarket, for keeping costs down as much as he can, but we are still facing a financial crisis like never before.

These are the lengths we'll go, the risks we'll take for family. And our family includes you and all the gratitude we feel for you in times like this. We know we've been asking a lot of family this year. No matter what, we know you care and, like us, you always do as much as you possibly can. For this, we just want to say THANK YOU. 

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