Big Tancook Island Emergency Response Association (BTIERA)


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Oliver's Fire Hall Appeal

Campaign Ends July 30, 2023

The Big Tancook Island Emergency Response Association (BTIERA) provides both fire protection and medical first responder service to island residents. We are looking for funding of $60,000, in order to build a much-needed fire hall. The name of this project is a result of the pledge of an eight-year-old grandson who asked his grandmother, a BTIERA board member, why we were fundraising. Oliver asked why we were fundraising. When it was explained to him, he said ‘I have $250 that I saved, I will donate it for the fire hall.’BTIERA has four vehicles which include a tanker truck, a rapid response vehicle (RRV), a command vehicle and a medical response vehicle (MRV). Garage space is rented for the medical response vehicle; however, the others are parked outside throughout the year. As a result, the tanker truck must be left empty to prevent the water from freezing. Both the RRV and command vehicle are relatively new and being parked outside all year will significantly reduce their service life.The goal of the project is to construct a four-bay garage/fire hall to house vehicles and equipment. This building will be heated which will allow the tanker truck to always be full of water and ready to respond immediately to a fire. Keeping our other vehicles indoors will facilitate their maintenance and significantly extend their service life.BTIERA’s financial responsibility will be to cover the costs of materials and ancillary costs for this project. We have received a tentative commitment from the military’s engineering team of reserves to provide the labour to construct the fire hall. In addition, we have skilled islanders who have volunteered to assist with the excavation and site preparation work. The fire hall will be built on property owned by the Tancook Island Recreation Centre Association and attached to the existing Recreation Centre.

$250 raised out of $60,000 goal

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