2020 Great Canadian Birdathon


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The 2020 Great Canadian Birdathon - Any Time, Anywhere, Any Way - as long as you're safe!

Please read our Policy on Outdoor Work under COVID-19.

The Great Canadian Birdathon has always taken place in May - the traditional time for many of us to celebrate spring migration, but there is no need to be constrained by tradition! This year we are suggesting that your Birdathon can take place any time.

We’ve been hearing from many past participants who want to hold a Birdathon while being mindful of the serious nature of the COVID-19 threat. We hope Birdathon will allow you to take comfort in an activity you love, but we ask that you do so only following public health recommendations in your area – for now, this means doing your Birdathon from home if you wish to do it this spring, or postponing your Birdathon to a later date.

For some ideas on how to participate safely, check out our blog!

Ready to sign up? Here is how:

  1. Register as an individual, join a team or start your own by clicking one of the buttons above, or by calling or emailing Kris at 888-448-2473 Ext. 121, birdathon@birdscanada.org.
  2. Ask your friends and family to support your Great Canadian Birdathon. You can do this through email, directing potential sponsors to donate online, or you can have your sponsors call Kris at the number above to donate directly that way.
  3. Plan your adventure. Choose the time and method you wish to participate.
  4. Gather your resources such as a field guide, binoculars, phone app to assist with identification – Birds Canada can help.
  5. Set your Birdathon goals. Will you try to find 10 different species? 100 species? Will you aim to raise $200, $2000? Any amount will help protect birds.

You don’t have to be experienced to join the Great Canadian Birdathon – Birds Canada will help you get started. All contributions to the Great Canadian Birdathon are tax-creditable.

All registered participants can receive an exclusive Great Canadian Birdathon t-shirt designed by Rachel Riordan and Paul Riss of PRBY Creative Services, and are eligible to win some fantastic prizes. Please note, the mailing of t-shirts this year may take a little longer than normal, but we will get one to you as soon as we can!

The Great Canadian Birdathon started in 1976 as the Baillie Birdathon and funds raised support Birds Canada and the James L Baillie Fund.

Birds Canada is Canada’s leading science-based bird conservation organization. To find out more about our mission click here.