Prairie Birds and Cow Turds

Ian Cook's fundraiser supporting BIRDS CANADA in 2020 Great Canadian Birdathon

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North America has lost 1 in 4 birds since 1970. That's 3 billion less birds today than in 1970. Bell bottoms and moustaches are back, but many birds aren't.

Grassland birds have declined more than almost any other group. We have lost half of our grassland birds in the last 50 years. As Grassland Conservation Manager for Birds Canada, I work with farmers and ranchers to find mutually beneficial ways to protect the most endangered ecosystem on the planet and make space for both agriculture and nature.

I'll be exploring our family farm's pastures all day looking for some of our migratory birds before they head south for the winter and I will restrain from shaking my fist at them in jealousy.  Afterwards, with the ‘help’ of my nephews, we’ll install an owl nest structure in hopes to attract a great horned owl over the winter!

Your donation will help Birds Canada continue our grasslands conservation work.