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Blue Door's COVID-19 Crisis Fund

Donate now to save lives from COVID-19. Save the lives of homeless people and your own.

Friends, I have worked to support people experiencing homelessness for over 30 years. Ever since my sister began struggling with affordable and supportive housing at the age of 16, it has been my passion and my life mission.

Never has it been such a frightening and terrible time to be without a home.

Sleeping outside in the cold and wet spring will make anyone sick.

Sleeping rough for several weeks or years will severely compromise your immune system.

I have said it many times before and I’ll say it again. There is nothing I won’t do to support people experiencing homelessness, but COVID-19 is not something myself or the incredible staff at Blue Door can overcome alone.

Right now, today, your support is essential.

Collectively, we don’t have the luxury of waiting.

Action to protect the homeless, is action to protect us all, and must be taken now.

Staff at Blue Door are quickly adapting and working hard to make life-saving changes to keep youth, men, and families experiencing homelessness safe and healthy during COVID-19.

Every day, every change to maintain health and safety costs increasingly more.

Just weeks ago, three healthy meals and snacks for one person for an entire day costed $5.50.

Today, three meals and snacks individually packaged in single-use containers costs $20.

Meals are just one example of the skyrocketing costs required to keep safe and healthy over 100 people every day at Blue Door, the largest emergency housing provider in York Region.

My heart breaks to know that these high-cost safety measures are not sustainable without financial help.

Your help is urgently needed now more than ever before.

Please keep vulnerable children, men, and women healthy.

Donate now.

With your support we have hope. You give hope and the resources to save lives now and to create long-lasting positive change.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Michael Braithwaite

CEO, Blue Door

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