Body Brave

Registered Name: Body Brave Inc.

Business Number: 797943115RR0001

Body Brave is a national charity dedicated to helping people recover from disordered eating and eating disorders, by providing the best in community treatment as well as breaking down systemic barriers to recovery.

We believe in a world where person-centered, effective, timely disordered eating/eating disorder treatment is accessible for all.

On the ground, we offer evidence-based, multi-disciplinary, community treatment. We work collaboratively with individuals to develop the insight, tools and skills they need to achieve recovery. But working with individuals is not enough. We believe that sustainable recovery is a shared, community responsibility. So, on a national level, we work with institutions and organizations to address systemic barriers to recovery. Over the next two years, our focus in on educating communities and training providers.

Given the right tools and the community support, recovery can be accessible for all.

What People Are Saying

"I have been attending Body Brave since March 2019...Nothing can compare to the impact Body Brave has made on my life. I can’t fully express with words the gratitude I have for everyone at Body Brave, it’s truly saved me."

— JOANNE (names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients

"Dr. Trollope and staff are kind, caring and compassionate...and have taught me how to have a healthier relationship with my body, and with food. The support groups and other programs have helped me through tough times, and I am so grateful for everyone at Body Brave. "

— Caroline (names have been changed to protect client privacy)

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