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Flaman Race for Kids 2019


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RACE DATE: Saturday, June 8, 2019

The goal of Flaman Race for Kids is for participants and teams to enjoy a fun, competitive, team building activity that supports the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wetaskiwin. This exciting, fun adventure race will provide the opportunity to compete, win prizes and work as a team as participants challenge their skills while raising funds for all children and youth to explore new opportunities. Participants are required to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the event provided below.


A team must consist of 4 people.  Youth aged 10 and over are eligible to participate in the race however, each team is limited to a maximum of 2 youth per team.  At the start of the race teams will solve a Password Clue Sheet that when solved will provide a password for each Checkpoint location.  The correct password must be provided before a team can start the challenge.  Teams then tackle a variety of Checkpoint Challenges that are designed to be fun and encourage teamwork. 

To qualify as a team, your team captain must be registered on the Flaman Race for Kids website and the team must fundraise a minimum of $400. 

Teams fundraising over $1000 will receive a 3-minute head start at the beginning of the race course.  The first team to cross the finish line in the respective stream will win 1st place.       


Streams of Competition and Race Prizes:

We recognize that everyone has different levels of ability and interest so please choose the Stream you would like to compete in and register accordingly on event day.



  • More “competitive”

Team Prize Levels

1st - $1200

2nd - $800

  • 11 Checkpoints (1 extra potentially difficult challenge)
  • Course length – less than 2.5 km
  • Winning Team Name on Flaman Race for Kids Trophy


  • Less “competitive” – Out for the fun of it!

Team Prize Levels

1st - $600

2nd- $300

  • 10 Checkpoints
  • Course length – less than 2 km

Route Card Prize *new

When each team successfully completes a checkpoint challenge they must draw a card from the deck.  They are required to turn in 10 (or 11 if in the competitive stream) route cards at the finish line to successfully complete the race.  At the end of the event, each team’s cards will be added together to give them a route card score.  

Emerald teams who completed the Competitive Challenge will remove that card before adding up the remaining 10 cards. 

The team with the highest 10 card score will win the Route Card Prize. 

Values – face value of each card, (10 or face card = 10 points, Ace = 11 points)

Route Card Prize 


Finish Line Mystery Prize *new

Each team that crosses the finish line in any stream that did not place 1st or 2nd will be eligible to win the Finish Line Mystery prize.   A finishing place # will be drawn and the team who completed the race in that place will be eliminated from the draw.  The last place # drawn will win the Finish Line Mystery prize.   

Finish Line Mystery Prize


Theo’s Challenge Prize  *new

The team that completes Theo’s Challenge with the best score wins the Theo’s Challenge prize.     

Theo’s Challenge Prize


Team Recruitment Challenge

A registered team challenges another group of individuals to form a new team (with at least 50% new participants) and register for the event by May 15, 2019.  If they register by the deadline, the Team Captain of the challenging team is eligible to be entered in a draw for a prize.  The team captain of the challenging team must register their challenge with to qualify.

Team Recruitment Challenge

$100 gift card

Tickle Trunk Prize:

Any team that wears (for entire event, including after party) and races in a costume or team branded attire will be eligible to be placed in the draw for the for the Team Themed Attire prize.  The first team name to be drawn will win the prize.    

Team Themed Attire

4 x $25 gift cards

Fundraising Prizes:

Any individual (racer, supporter, volunteer or staff) who is registered on the Race for Kids website, regardless if they participate in the race, may raise funds and is eligible for fundraising prizes.  Funds entered into the Flaman Race for Kids website by Friday June 7, 2019 at noon MST, (2pm EST) will be eligible to determine the top fundraisers.  Any funds raised or entered after Friday June 7, 2019 at noon will not be eligible to determine prize winners. 

Most funds raised

Roundtrip Flight for 2 guests, to any regularly scheduled WestJet destination

2nd most funds raised

$500 gift card

3rd most funds raised

$250 gift card