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Race for Kids 2018

Boys & Girls Clubs of Saskatoon

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Race for Kids is an urban adventure race where teams of four compete to finish a series of Checkpoints designed to focus the mind and challenge the body in fun and unique ways.

The teams of 4 compete in 10 themed challenging checkpoints in a race to the finish line. Checkpoints are designed to incorporate activities that focus the mind and challenge the body. Challenges are not based on athletic skill or mental superiority; rather they are designed for fun and building teamwork. Think of it as a perfect combination between The Amazing Race and Minute to Win It.

Relive the best times of your childhood and build team spirit along the way, all while raising funds to support your local Boys & Girls Club of Saskatoon!


The goal of the Race for Kids is for participants and teams to enjoy themselves while taking part in a unique fundraising event for Boys and Girls Clubs of Saskatoon. This exciting, fun adventure race will provide the opportunity to compete, win prizes and work as a team as participants challenge their skills while raising funds for all children and youth to explore new opportunities. Participants are required to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the event provided below.

Parking and Check-in

Check-in and final registration takes place between 10:00 am and 10:45am in the tent in Rotary Park. 

The Competitive event starts at 11:00 am, the Non-Competitive event starts at 11:15 and both end between 12:00 - 1:00 at the tent in Rotary Park. 

Lunch and prize presentations will follow at this location.  Lunch generously provided by Panago Pizza.


A team will consist of 4 people.  Youth aged 8 and over are eligible to participate in the race however, each team is limited to a maximum of 2 youth per team.  At the start of the race, teams solve the Clue Sheet that pinpoints the Checkpoint locations in the community.  Teams then tackle a variety of Checkpoint Challenges that are designed to be fun and encourage teamwork. 

To qualify as a team, you must be registered on the Race for Kids website and fundraise a minimum of $400.  For the non-competitive stream, the team must fundraise a minimum of $250 to qualify.

Teams fundraising over $1500 will receive a 5-minute head start at the beginning of the race course, $1000-1500 3 minute head start & $750-1000 1 minute head start.  The first team to cross the finish line in the respective stream will win 1st place.       

Streams of Competition and Race Prizes:

We recognize that everyone has different levels of ability and interest so please choose the Stream you would like to compete in and register accordingly on event day.


  • More “competitive”
  • Team Prize Levels

    1st - $1200

  • 2nd - $800

  • 3rd - $400


  • Less “competitive” – Out for the fun of it!

Team Prize Levels

1st – A Year of Activities Prize Pack

2nd- Gift Card 

Fundraising Prizes:

Any individual (racer, supporter, volunteer or staff) who is registered on the Race for Kids website, regardless if they participate in the race, may raise funds and is eligible for fundraising prizes.  Funds entered into the Race for Kids website by Friday, May 24, 2019, at noon CST will be eligible to determine the top fundraisers.  Any funds raised or entered after Friday, May 24, 2019, at noon will not be eligible to determine prize winners. 

Most funds raised:

Roundtrip Flight for 2 guests, to any regularly scheduled WestJet destination

2nd most funds raised:

$400 gift card

 Costume Prizes- Best Costume $400 Value Prize:

 Any team that is deemed eligible for the race is eligible for the costume prize.  Teams will be voted on by volunteers, spectators & each other.  The team deemed to have the best costume will win the prize. 

Team Recruitment Challenge - Gift Card

A registered team challenges another group of individuals to form a team, qualify, and register for the event by May 13, 2019.  If they register by the deadline, the Team Captain of the challenging team is eligible to be entered in a draw for a prize.  The team captain of the challenging team must register their challenge with to qualify.

Race Rules

Solve the clues on the Clue Sheet that you will receive at the start of the race to find out where the Checkpoint Challenges are located.  When your team arrives at a Checkpoint; complete each Challenge to receive a sticker in your Race for Kids Passport Book.  Upon successful completion of all Checkpoint Challenges, make your way to the finish line, located at the Drill Hall.  Before crossing the finish line your team will have to have your Passport Book checked and verified to ensure all Challenges have been completed.  The team crossing the finish line first in each stream (who has raised the minimum of $400 or $250) and successfully completed all Checkpoint Challenges, including all required stickers will win the Race for Kids.


  1. Travel to the Checkpoints by foot (i.e.: walking, running, skipping). Private modes of transportation are not permitted (i.e.: cars, trucks, taxis, pogo-sticks, train, scooter, bike etc.)
  2. Teams must stay together! All team members must be within 20 meters of one another at all times (unless instructed otherwise by the Checkpoint Challenge Volunteer Official).
  3. Participants must wear their official Race for Kids nametag at all times in such a way that it, and any printing on it, is visible at all times.
  4. At least one team member must have access to a smart phone.
  5. Unless otherwise stated, participants can use cell phones, computers, internet and GPS devices, as well as the general public to help them decipher the Checkpoint Clues. If at any point during the race, your team is having difficulty locating a Checkpoint Challenge Location, you can contact Diane (306-717-5774).
  6. If there are more teams at a Checkpoint location than it can host the teams will complete the Challenge on a first-come, first-served basis. You may leave that location and come back later is you wish.
  7. Race for Kids will not be held responsible for any Checkpoint Challenge deemed to be offensive to teams or participants.
  8. All participants must obey laws, regulations, bylaws and rules of the road and comply with the directions of the Race for Kids Officials, authorities, and property/venue owners. Boys and Girls Club of Saskatoon and their sponsors are not responsible for the actions of participants during the course of the Race.
  9. In the case of a tie, the Race for Kids Officials will assign a tie-breaking challenge to the two teams. The winner of the final challenge will be named the winner of the Race for Kids.
  10. Race for Kids reserves the right to eliminate any teams if they fail to abide by these rules.
  11. PLEASE ensure you get your PASSPORT sticker at EACH Checkpoint Challenge location. DO NOT LOSE YOUR PASSPORT BOOK.
  12. Have FUN!!!

Finish Location

  1. After you have completed all required Checkpoint Challenges head to the start/finish line in Rotary Park where you will get your Passport Book checked and verified to ensure you have completed all Challenges, prior to crossing the finish line! (You did it!)
  2. A Celebration Lunch will be served at the finish line provided by Panago Pizza once most/all of the teams have completed the event at which time prizes will be awarded.
  • Do not stray off the map, all challenges are within map limits.