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Boys and Girls Club of London

Registered Name: BOYS' & GIRLS' CLUB OF LONDON

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Youth Campaign

Campaign Ended May 17, 2019

When we engage Youth, we make a BIG impact on their lives.

Leadership programs at the Boys and Girls Club of London provide youth with the knowledge and skills to make positive choices in their lives.

That’s why we are dedicated to providing young people opportunities to participate in life changing programs and experiences that empower them to make a difference in our Club and community.

Opportunities like, attending the Boys and Girls Club of Canada’s Express Yourself-National Youth Forum, from May 11 – 15, 2019 at Concordia University in Montreal.

Created and run by the Boys and Girls Club of Canada’s National Youth Council, the Express Yourself 2019 forum will bring youth from Clubs across Canada to explore and celebrate self-expression. Self-expression happens in many different forms—people can express themselves through the arts, through writing, through music, through sports, through technology—the possibilities are endless!

Neuroscience is teaching us that ‘self-expression’ might be one – if not the most important ways for people to connect, navigate and grow with each other. During the forum, youth will share their favourite ways of expressing themselves, and to participate in experiences that enable them to try new things, learn new skills, and express themselves in new ways. Upon their return, youth will share their experiences, newfound knowledge and ideas with other youth in our Club and community.

Our Education and Leadership Program Coordinator, Heather Fraser will supervise seven (7) Youth Ambassadors from our Club as they attend the National Youth Forum. The estimated total cost is $5,495 ($785 per person) and includes the Forum fee, accommodations, travel and meals.

Super motivated to attend, our Youth Ambassadors are doing their part raising funds to help cover the costs. Beginning with a goal of raising $500, these energetic youth have organized bake sales, pizza fundraisers, and other initiatives. They have already raised $150 and believe they can surpass their original goal!

Together with your support, we can provide these Youth Ambassadors with this once in a lifetime opportunity to gain knowledge, build and strengthen skills, and make new friends from coast to coast, a reality.

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