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School Fresh Produce Box ($80) serves 110 students

The School Fresh Produce Box (SFPB) Program represents an innovative approach to delivering fresh fruits and vegetables directly to schools from a local vendor.  The goals of the program are to increase the amount and variety of fruits and vegetables served to students and decrease the time and energy spent shopping for and transporting food from store to school by program volunteers.

There is compelling research evidence which supports health benefits of eating vegetables and fruits at an early age, as a part of a strategy to tackle the increase in childhood obesity.1 A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has consistently been reported to help in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and obesity.  Children who report a greater liking to vegetables and fruits are more likely to consume higher intake levels than children who do not like vegetables and fruits.   Introducing a variety of vegetables and fruits in the home and at school may be an effective and practical approach to improving vegetable and fruit consumption.2


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