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Annual Bowling for Belonging

Bridges to Belonging

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Campaign Ends June 21, 2019
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Looking to sponsor a bowler?

Look no further! You can choose to sponsor a team or an individual on a team for whatever donation amount you are able to give.

Search for an individual or a team to make a specific donation above, or make a general donation at the bottom of this page. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email

Thank you! 

Looking to set up your fundraising page?

Follow the steps below!

Steps To Setting Up Your Fundraising Page

1) Buy a ticket and register for the event. If you haven't already here is the link,

2) Upon confirmation of registration, you will get an access code. Write this down or refer to the email sent to you which has it.

3) On this page, either click Create A Team (if you want to be a captain), Join As An Individual (if you want to join a team when you show up to the event), or Find A Team (find the team captain you want to be on a fundraising team with and join team).

4) Sign up to start fundraising by again entering your email, create an account and enter that activation code! Continue with sign up form.

5) Create your own fundraising page (within your team or as an individual, everyone has to do this). This is so your friends and family can donate specifically to you as a bowler.

Remember: Only 6 people per team (including team captain) & top individual and team fundraisers will win AMAZING prizes!