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Favorites & Fundraising

Campaign Ended April 30, 2018

Fundraising with your favorite choir memories

Your donation  will ensure that the British Columbia Girls Choir can continue to give singers a voice, enrich their lives and the lives of their audiences and continue to create extraordinary music.

The Choir will only remain affordable through the current funding sources: program fees, concerts, grants, donations and fundraising. Whether a six-year-old is in her first season or a 17-year-old is participating in her final tour, all singers need the support of the British Columbia Girls Choir’s family and fans. Ever increasing costs, and the need to keep program fees affordable, have resulted in the choir turning to its members, alumnae, Board of Directors, staff and the public for this fundraising project.

What favourite memory will you share  with your friends and family about your involvement in choir? Is it a favourite song, a special concert, a camp or tour memory? Or, is your favourite memory as an audience member, proud Board member, parent or grandparent?

How can you help?  From the comfort of your own computer, tablet or phone, you can help spread the word and raise funds for the Choir’s current and future needs.

  • Forward your story and the Choir’s message to your connections around the world!

How will these funds be used?

  • to support BCGC’s bursary program, ensuring access by more singers
  • to help BCGC cover the cost of anticipated rehearsal venue rent increases
  • to supplement the tour subsidy for 40 singers traveling to the UK in July, 2018

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