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Registered Name: Buddhist Centre of Regina Inc.

Business Number: 788976694RR0001

Buddhist Centre

Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2019

Buddhist in Regina is so small, but it’s vibrant in this City and the province of Saskatchewan, Canada.In 2012, my first visit in this city, I learn that there are so many small ethnic groups who are migrated from North & South Asia, and I have being invited by local and our Dhamma friends here to promote noble teaching for theirs spiritual need and preserve theirs culture or identity, since than I accept the local people’s request and admit myself for the “welfare and happiness of the many”. This year, month of June 2018, we are able to get a suitable place for our Buddhist Centre in Regina, which one is farmer Albert Library. After we get the position in this building there are need huge renovation or remodeling Dhamma Hall, Sunday school, Monk resident etc. Therefore, we are requesting all of you and our Dhamma friends or who would like to support community investment for awareness, moral education to child’s and young also senior. Your every single dollar is meaningful for us, doesn’t matter how much you can contribute and also you can share with your friends and relative who would like to open theirs heart for good indeed to our society.

Thank you so much for your support and concern.

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