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The More You Noise

Registered Name: C.C.M.C. MUSIC GALLERY

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The More You Noise

The Music Gallery is a space for curiosity, experimentation, and sharing through music and sound. Your contribution allows more time and space for artists to delve into their work. The more you give, the more you noise. Help us make big noise!

As a performing arts organization we have been putting more resources into the development of artistic practices and performances. We support the artists, venues, and our staff team which make each event more meaningful, which in turn makes Toronto an even more creative, forward-thinking city. 

This past season featured: an expanded residency program hosting hundreds of artists and workshop participants; multi-day rehearsals and mentorships surrounding 10 Ragas to a Disco Beat, and Arnold Dreyblatt’s Orchestra of Excited Strings; and Six Turntables, a youth-oriented workshop and performance which launched our season with an elaborate multi-generational sonic event.

Help us sustain this vital work! Contribute now to the Music Gallery’s The More You Noise campaign and help us reach our goal of $4,333.