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Giving Tuesday 2019!

Campaign Ended Dec. 6, 2019

‘The monsters come at night.’

That’s what 6 year old Sheena* used to think. She was terrified to go to sleep. After her parents divorced, Sheena had stayed with a few different relatives for a while. Because she moved around so much, she struggled to trust people. Her sleep problems were just one sign that something was going on. She was moody, easily upset and throwing tantrums at school.

Sheena’s parents brought her to Calgary Counselling Centre.

The little girl was very quiet in her first few sessions with Erin, one of our specially-trained child counsellors. Initially, Erin had a hard time gaining Sheena’s trust. By using colouring books, puppets and other creative methods to help Sheena express herself, slowly the girl began opening up about her feelings, even sharing her favourite toys with Erin.

Our counsellors teach children and their families coping strategies and problem solving skills—the tools they need to face challenges and live life to the fullest.  Sheena and her family are among the thousands of Calgarians who received 32,277 counselling sessions last year at Calgary Counselling Centre.

In 2018, 61% of our clients could not afford to pay for counselling. But because of donors like you, every child and family that comes to us is able to get the help they need, regardless of their financial situation and with no wait list.

Sheena’s no longer worried about monsters coming at night. With your gift today, you can help other children in our community—and their families—sleep well.

You can help us support kids like Sheena today! 


*Names have been changed to protect client privacy
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