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Calgary Public Library Foundation


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Campaign Ended Nov. 1, 2019

The Library is the heart of many communities. Donate today to help improve your community library of choice. The Library continues to expand their services into the communities need them.

The new Nicholls Family Library at the Westbrook CTrain Station is reaching out to more people and providing Library patrons with the services they want. This includes computers on loan, a unique program room where people can come together to brainstorm, comfortable lounge areas for reading, and thematic collections.

We’re also excited to be serving the public with our new Quarry Park Library. This library shares space with the Remington YMCA, which allows the Library to reach people of all ages with more room for events, longer opening hours, and a large children’s area with Read and Play Kits to help kids grow valuable pre-literacy skills.

At Village Square, thanks to friends like you, we’re building an exciting Early Learning Centre for kids. This playful and inviting space lets young children have fun while accessing library materials, and older kids can take advantage of innovative tablets that incorporate technology into reading and learning.

Please let us know in the "message to charity" section which Library you would like your gift directed to continue some of the changes mentioned above.

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