Calgary Seniors' Resource Society


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Emergency Funding

We all know that life happens. Unexpected things come up and we are left worried and anxious trying to figure out how we are going to manage them. For most of us, we have resources and support from family and friends at our disposal. We can deal with the situation and move forward.

For low income and isolated seniors, it isn’t that easy. When life throws them a curve ball, they often don’t have the financial flexibility (savings), social support, or emotional ability to cope. They often get locked into a cycle of despair and desperation, which in turn affects their physical, mental and emotional health.

Every day our social workers and volunteers come across heartbreaking situations with seniors who just need a little, one-time financial support where there are no supports offered. Seniors shouldn’t have to choose between paying utility bills and their Lifeline bill; between getting their prescriptions and getting a proper winter coat; or between paying their rent and getting groceries.

Therefore, Calgary Seniors has set up a special ‘Emergency Fund’ for these very situations.

Donating to the Calgary Seniors Emergency Fund allows low income seniors access to one-time emergency funds for items such as food, medications, housing, household supplies and essential services such as transportation when there are no other options.

Referrals for the Emergency Fund come to us from our volunteers, our social workers and other agencies. Each application is thoroughly reviewed and references are checked. A social worker will also ensure there are no alternative funding sources available to the senior in their community. Finally, our staff ensure ongoing supports are in place for the senior that address their future sustainability.

Emergency Funds are distributed with thought and care and are tracked carefully to ensure that this valuable resource is used wisely and is helping those seniors who are most in need.