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Pet Assist

Keeping pets and their seniors healthy, happy and together

As with how many of our Volunteer Programs are created, in 2015 Calgary Seniors identified a significant gap in services and stepped in to fill that gap. Our Volunteer Services Team was seeing a significant number of seniors in need of assistance with their pet. These seniors need support in appropriately caring for their pets, not only to help keep senior and pet together, but also to ensure pets are properly cared for.

The seniors who are recipients of Pet Assist have no one to help them and no financial aid for their pets. There are no other services of this kind in the city and too often the only option is to surrender the pet. There is a strong bond between a senior and their pet. They are very attached to their furry family members and the pets give them a reason for being (getting up in the morning, going outside, companionship, love etc.).

How your donation will impact pets:

• Fewer pets ending up in local shelters

• Better health care for pets and emergency veterinary support

• Exercise and stimulation for the pet

How your donation will impact seniors:

• Continue receiving the loyalty, affection and unconditional love from their pets

• Decreased anxiety, depression and guilt for not properly caring for their beloved pet

• Social inclusion and companionship for the senior