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Adopt a Grandparent

Calgary Seniors' Resource Society

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Campaign Ends Jan. 5, 2019
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By fundraising for Adopt a Grandparent, you are ensuring some of our communities’ most vulnerable seniors have FREE access to Calgary Seniors’ programs, which ensure they are connected with people who care and will receive the vital support they need, when they need it!

Many of us are fortunate enough to have friends and family to support us. Many of us have the financial resources to pay for the support we need. For thousands of senior Calgarians, this is not the case…

The older adults Calgary Seniors works with are some of our communities' most desperate. They are low-income and struggling to get by. Many have mobility issues or mental health concerns, which affects their ability to get out into the community. They may face adversities such as being new to Canada and having language barriers, or may be gay or lesbian and feel they don’t fit. They may be abused and need someone to advocate for them. Their spouse may have passed away, their children moved away, or their friends and family members are estranged or gone.

Fundraise and help Adopt a Grandparent. Calgary Seniors is the only organization that provides programs at no cost to assist low-income, isolated seniors who need support with day to day living and social companionship.

You will receive a story and video that you can share on social media detailing how your fundraising made a difference!

  • $100 provides a lonely senior with a Christmas Cheer-Up visit from a friendly volunteer
  • $250 provides a senior and their pet with access to vet care and a Pet Assist Volunteer
  • $500 provides 10 Escorted Transportation trips to their medical appointments
  • $1,000 provides a senior with a Friendly Visitor for an entire year!

Your Adoption will provide these seniors with Friendly Visiting Volunteers who will visit when they are lonely, Escorted Transportation rides to medical appointments when they have no way to get there and are feeling apprehensive, Assisted Shoppers who help them with their shopping when they are too frail to manage it all, or Pet Assist Volunteers who provide assistance with their pets when they can no longer properly care for them but can’t bear the thought of surrendering their beloved companions.

Thank you for making a difference in the life of a lonely, low-income senior!