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Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2021

Those who live in poverty face ongoing adversity every day and in the absence of positive supports, suffer prolonged stress that has a negative effect on their brains and bodies. Collectively, with your support CUPS has been able to help these individuals and families get to the root of their problems, remove sources of stress while adding positive factors to build resilience in all areas of their lives.

We are continuing to help our most vulnerable individuals and families navigate through these current challenges.

While many conversations are happening around the support needed for the future, there are many in our city who need help now. From connectivity to education, health support and basic needs, now is the time to give, if you can, to support our most vulnerable community members.

We are here for them. And you can be, too. Your donation will help support:


Many of us take for granted the technology we have at our fingertips, but not everyone is as fortunate. Staying in touch with our clients and delivering every possible program by phone or video conference requires devices and internet access. Outfitting our team and clients with necessary technology to keep these programs rolling is a priority.


Our entire education program is designed around brain science, which explains why the experiences we have – good and bad – get built into our brains and bodies. Our focus is to ensure young children are given every chance to succeed at life from day one and the adults who take care of them at home are set up to support them. CUPS now face the challenge of delivering our Family and Child Development Centre services through remote means. Not only are we providing children with education activities to keep their brains active, but we are also offering our family programming, such as the Nurturing Parent program, through virtual sessions.


Our small and determined health team is on a mission! The CUPS Health Clinic team has been working around the clock, providing urgent health care at CUPS and doing their part out in the community to help contain the virus. Their work puts them at a greater risk of exposure, and we must have the supports in place to keep them safe so they can continue to help the vulnerable. As the impact evolves, additional staff will likely be necessary to support the cause. We are also preparing to expand a vital outreach program of practitioners in the community. As the need expands, this program must expand with it.

Basic needs

With so many job losses around the city, inconsistent or reduced income is posing a threat to our clients’ nutrition, housing and health. As clients self-isolate, groceries and grocery delivery has become an in-demand service, along with support for other basic needs to ensure they are able to stay home and stay healthy.

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