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Camp Harmattan Association

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Books That Transform

Campaign Ended Dec. 30, 2019

This year at Camp Harmattan we plan to give away one book to each of our 400+ campers! This amounts to approximately $5000.00. We do this because We believe in helping kids grow in their faith beyond Camp. Every camper receives a Bible (if they don’t already have one) and a story-book, guided journal, or devotional!

Several years ago Camp Harmattan made a long-term commitment that they would provide an amazing camp experience AND send campers home with great books for growing faith! If a camper attends all the way to grade 12 they will end up with a whole shelf full of books aimed at helping them in their journey with Jesus.

But we need your help to make this happen! Partner with us by giving to this fundraising campaign ‘Books That Transform’. If you give today (even just $5) you’ll know you helped buy a wonderful book for a camper! Together, let's get kids inspired in their faith.

If you are interested in seeing our list of books click this link!

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