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Camp Harmattan Association

Registered Name: Camp Harmattan Association

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Buy a Meal, Buy an Oven

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Buy a Kid a Meal and the Oven to Cook it in!

Each summer, our kitchen cooks over 6000 meals for the students and staff at camp. Our kitchen is passionate about creating enjoyable and nutritious meals. This includes a salad bar alongside our main course so that there are ample healthy options. We want the food that camp provides be a special treat for students.

We believe that meal times are not just a grab and go but an opportunity to stop and rest, for hospitality, conversations, and spiritual formation: how many of Jesus's teaching moments happened around meals?

It takes a small group of diligent and passionate people to produce the quality meals that we have come to be proud of, but unfortunately, the equipment has become unreliable. The staff are constantly hindered by inconsistent and failing equipment. Our two convection ovens have lasted many more years than expected and it is definitely time to replace them.

We hope to purchase a Garland Canada Model No. SUMG‐200 Summit Series Convection Oven, gas, double‐deck, standard depth 41‐1/4", (2) speed fan, solid state controls, electromechanical timer, 60/40 doors with double paned thermal window, stainless steel front, sides, top & legs, porcelain enamelled cavity, (2) 3/4 HP, 106,000 BTU. (Well that statement is a mouthful, but an oven like this will, well, help keep a campers mouth full...)

You are invited to help us feed kids hot meals!  

The total project cost is $35660 - (The first $23160 will go to the meals and the next $12500 will go towards the ovens). You can support this campaign in many ways. 

          Buy a meal for $3.86 ($5.00)

          Buy 10 meals for $38.60 ($39.00)

          Buy 25 meals for $96.50 ($97.00)

          Buy 100 meals for $386.00 

A sample of our camp meals: 


          Scrambled eggs


          Hash browns



          Orange Juice



          Chicken Fajitas

          Salad Bar

          Tortilla Chips with Salsa



          Penne Noodles

          Marinara Sauce

          Alfredo Sauce


          Caesar Salad


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