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Ohana Camp

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

“I love coming back to Ohana Camp, it reminds me of where I was and helps me see where I am now.”   - Returning Mom

'Ohana simply means family. Over the last six years on average we have hosted 20 plus moms and their combined 50 plus children at our Ohana Camp experience! We are so excited that we have been able to provide this retreat on our wonderful grounds. Some of the mothers and children have been returning each year to the Ohana camp and some have even “given back” to the camp.

Why do we do Ohana Camps?

Our desires in facilitating Ohana Camp include helping to restore hope to mothers and children who have faced circumstances that may have caused them to lose hope. We want to invite these families into a space and environment where we can show them that no matter what happens to them, they can overcome. We want to show these families that there is a way forward and that they are loved. We want them to know that they have value and that they haven’t been forgotten. We want to help them to be strong. We want to help them relax and enjoy time away from the stresses of life.

A typical weekend retreat ...

involves lodging, camp style meals, camp style activities and great conversations around tables. Programs for all ages are provided allowing these mothers to have a chance to retreat for the weekend. This is a free event the families because of partners like you! Additionally, a gift is presented to the mothers at the end of Ohana Camp inviting them to send their children to a week of our summer camp free of charge. Just last year in 2019, fourteen Ohana children attended our summer camps.

We offer two unique Ohana Camps. One of our Ohana Camps is a reunion time for families who have previously attended to return and reconnect and celebrate the steps they have taken forward over the past year. The other Ohana Camp is for families who are coming for the first time. We have a partnership with a women’s shelter in central Alberta.  They share the details of our Ohana Camps with families connected to their shelter and send support workers to Ohana Camp. (Due to the risk that comes with serving vulnerable families – we cannot share the name of the shelter we partner with).


Budget Costs to facilitate this valuable camp experience for our Ohana moms. Our staff team at Camp Harmattan, donates their time on the weekend making this camp a life-changing experience for the moms and children.

Food Cost for the two Ohana weekends – $5000

Welcome gifts for the families – $2000

Haircuts and massages during the weekend - $2000

Infrastructure Cost (electricity, supplies, etc) – $1500

Sending their child to camp – $5000

Transportation Cost – $3000


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